Festive artist of Sainte-Flavie

Artists in the Country Festival of Sainte-Flavie

Each year, the village of Sainte-Flavie comes alive with Celebrating Artists. In the second part of July, painters from the region and from Quebec meet at Artistes en Fête champêtre < span style = “vertical-align: inherit;”>. As my studio is located on the other side of the road, on the Rimouski side, I have a front row seat to meet the painters who exhibit their works at Artists in Celebration. You won’t be surprised to learn that the arts and painting are at the heart of conversations.

The Maisonnettes

Artistes en Fête stands out from other symposiums in the region with its many small houses. In total, thirty small houses are placed around the old presbytery in the heart of Sainte-Flavie. The fact that each artist has his own small house gives the impression of visiting several art galleries and artist studio, and all that, in a festive atmosphere. We must not forget the generosity of the artist-exhibitors. Good humor is also at the rendezvous. It only takes a few visits to small houses to notice this.

The exhibited works

There is a wide variety of paintings on display during Artistes en Fête. Landscapes, abstract arts and contemporary paintings. With a selection of more than 50 painters with styles of their own, Artistes en Fête champêtre de Sainte-Flavie will satisfy lovers of the most varied arts. In the photo on the left, we can see the interior layout of the small houses.

Paintings painted on site

Artistes en Fête is also an open-air creative workshop ;). You like to watch and share with artists, do not miss this annual meeting. I am really surprised, every year, by the passion of the participants. A simple smile is often enough for painters to share their passion, their techniques, their paths and all that, while they are painting. Admit, it’s great! What talent! Quick tip, usually artists are more active at the start of the day.


There are also sculptors at Artistes en Fête champêtre. If you like driftwood sculptures , I advise you to arrive early enough. Usually, this kind of sculpture sells like hot cakes. For my part, I let myself be tempted by a great blue heron carved from a cedar log. He proudly sits at the entrance to my house . If memory serves, the sculptor is named Gilles Cantin from Sainte-Luce. I think his sculpture is even more beautiful in winter, especially after a good snowfall.

Sainte-Flavie artist's house interior

Jean-Pierre Gagnon

Passionate painter