Off season schedule

The door is always open when I'm there and I'm there often! To make sure you don't miss me, just call me at 418-732-6160 or send me a message. J-Pierre.

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New collection of sailboats

Hurry up, they have the wind in their sails!

L'artiste Jean-Pierre Gagnon avec un paysage

Not yet dry!

Journée d'aventure


Ma Gaspésie imaginaire


Le secret bien gardé


Une autre belle journée


Au levé de la brume


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My art on a day-to-day basis with no hiding place.

Live the euphoric moments and the not so good moments of my life as a painter. From inside my art gallery studio located in Ste-Flavie and from my escapades outside, I bring you with me.

Open in season
Open in season

The workshop located in