The month of March at my workshop

The month of March at the Atelier du peintre Jean-Pierre Gagnon in Sainte-Flavie

March was a rather exceptional time of art production. At first, I thought I was doing research in my contemporary and abstract paintings, but fate decided otherwise. Not always obvious what goes on in the head of a painter!

Landscapes in oil

I started with the idea of doing abstract paintings and ended up with a very nice series of landscape paintings in oil. About twenty landscape paintings inspired by the Gaspé Peninsula with churches and lighthouses in profusion. The colors were also there. Let’s just say that the “couleur terre” exhibition will not be for this year again. I am particularly proud of some large paintings with several houses and villages. The painting to the left of this text is an 18×24 inch oil on canvas. It is also on my online art gallery. I’m sure it won’t stay there much longer. Perhaps it will end up in my private collection?

Tableau paysage gaspésientableau maison mer et reflet