The Reford Gardens

Located only 5 minutes from my studio, the Jardins de métis is a must see in my area.

Whether it’s for a short walk before or after a day of creation at my studio, the fresh air filled with the smell of roses, flowers or cedar in the undergrowth has the effect of boosting my creativity. And I’m not talking about the landscape, the colors and the thousand-and-one compositions that are constantly running through my imagination.

Usually after only one minute of walking, I already have one or two ideas of composition.

Photo sketch

Imagine what happens in my head when I enter the first small path on my left. The first little wooden bridge with the creek in the middle of it. Wow! Depending on the time of day, the light is sometimes on the small flower bed of a warm blue that contrasts with the undergrowth. Like what, it is always the nature which has the last word.

I am just at the beginning of the visit of the Metis Gardens, my head full, I am already anxious to return to my workshop. I still decide to cross the bridge to get to the heart of the gardens. Apple trees and flowerbeds follow one another like in a fashion show. Colors are everywhere.

After passing through the blue poppy garden and the azalea alley, my head is full of ideas, almost enough to do a vernissage on the Jardins de métis!

I head straight for the royal alley to take refuge in the belvedere with a view of the St. Lawrence River on the other side of the Villa Estevan. The royal alley is a little jewel, but for the artist in me, it is too straight and there are not enough trees with their play of light and shadow. Except maybe at the beginning with the staircase, the trees seem to stand guard on each side.

On my way back from the belvedere, I keep telling myself that I should paint the Villa, but a few steps further on, I go back to the compositions of winding paths and flowers, each one more colorful than the other.

A few years ago, I had the immense privilege of seeing the circus show Les sept doigts de la main…. a visual and musical delight with a sunset background that made my region famous. I still have fond memories of it that I play over and over in my head for fear of forgetting them.

I was there or… ha yes, the bird garden. As in all trips, it’s not just the destination that matters, in this case the road is actually a small winding path in the woods. Trees, paths, curves and sunshine, just a few more picture ideas to memorize in my head or with the help of my camera.