L'artiste peintre Jean-Pierre Gagnon en train de faire un croquis sur une toile vierge dans son atelier situé en Gaspésie

Artist's Journal, page 1

Today I am alone in my studio and melancholy tries to become my friend. Is it because of the rain, you tell me? No way ! It's just that my day yesterday was so beautiful. A perfect day for an artist.

This day had been prepared several months in advance, during a winter day like any other in Ste-Flavie, cold and windy. In the warmth of my workshop, separated only by an old door covered in scars, which has gone through all the stages of this old garage. It must have been much more waterproof in 79. Today, the Nordet makes it whistle as soon as it exceeds 45 km/h. Between two bursts, during a live broadcast on TikTok, I met Lise Racine artist , an animal painter who shares her passion on social networks, just like me.
After several online collaborations, she came to my workshop yesterday. She came to print her placemats, 327 in total. It's a nasty batch. Fortunately, she had brought a friend who, for the occasion, became the "chief doily cooker".
While Lise was printing her placemats, Ariane Proulx , another artist I adore, came to say hello. By the way, I'm going to exhibit his works this summer.
And since good things never come alone, Paquet Christian , the artist who exhibits at my home, also came to greet us.
My workshop was full of talented painters and to top it off, my Nathalie also came to the workshop 😉
Additionally, several customers have stopped by and purchased mugs, coasters, and other products with my artwork printed on them. A nice couple even pleased themselves by acquiring a large six-foot-high painting from my series.
In summary, my gallery was filled with exceptional people, it accomplished the mission for which I created it.
Today, the day will soon come to an end and no one has entered yet. Good news though, the sun is back...
Hi !
The riverside calls me and my bike.
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