Collection: Chromacity

Coming soon: The “Chromacity” Collection

Hello everyone,

I'm super excited to announce that my new collection, " Chromacity ", is almost ready and will soon be available here on my site.

In this collection, I take you on a nighttime stroll through different cities, all lit up in bright and intense colors. The night becomes a magical backdrop, bringing out the beauty and energy of cityscapes with bold pops of color.

You will discover original works that capture the essence of each city at night. And for those who want to take a piece of this magic home, there will be reproductions on canvas, numbered and ready to hang.

But wait, that's not all! The collection will also include a range of derivative products, perfect for adding an artistic touch to your daily life.

Keep your eyes peeled and prepare to be dazzled. Each room is an invitation to explore an urban world full of life, where the night lights up with a thousand lights.

To not miss anything when the collection comes out and stay up to date with all my new releases, don't hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter. This will allow you to be among the first informed and to discover in advance " Chromacity .”

Looking forward to sharing my passion and my creations with you,


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