Journal d'artiste, page 2.  Hey Jean-Pierre ! Quel est ton but ?

Artist's journal, page 2. Hey Jean-Pierre! What is your goal ?

Hey Jean-Pierre! What is your goal ?

Top secret! Well no ! I am writing a science fiction novel and my imaginative abilities are very limited because of my "talent" for expressing myself in writing. Let's say it's like I had... joke... I had a really big "camper" with a lawnmower engine to power it.

So I need to practice writing and being read. Since I'm not good yet, I need an average audience, not too difficult... Hihi! Thank you for being here ! I also have to try to play pranks on people, while respecting them. I hope to succeed one day, it doesn't look easy. It's surely possible, because Martin Matte does it so well.

Yesterday, I innocently tagged Lise Racine and that gave me around ten more subscribers on Facebook. Today I did it voluntarily with Martin Matte. I will give you the result soon. If it doesn't work, maybe I'll try with Yvon Deschamps Legend

I don't know if my writing skills have improved, but tagging well-known comedians to get more likes has made a little seed germinate in me (the first person who makes a joke about this, I'll block them ) mini-villain. I feel a bit like I'm screwing up the system. It's like the time I bought myself an Aero and it was full, not a bubble, just good chocolate... Yum!

Hi ! The convenience store calls me... Chocolate....

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