Journal d'artiste, page 3.  Tousser ne sert plus à rien !

Artist's journal, page 3. Coughing is no longer useful!

Coughing no longer helps!

When you are a “dad-artist-painter-entrepreneur-gallery owner”, time passes too quickly. Sometimes, in the morning, when I wake up, I have an image in my head of a horse race. Dring! Ding! It's the start ! Jean-Pierre has a good start to the race in lane number 3.

Don't worry, I'm not going to brag about my long working hours. It's just that among my time-saving tips, like listening to podcasts or audiobooks in the car, while walking or doing housework, there is one that I prefer above all else.

To cough ! This simple sound coming from my body gave me a superpower. That of having priority in the grocery aisles. You know when two navel-gazing people are talking to each other and blocking the row in the stores pretending not to see you. Two or three little coughs and they settle down immediately. I imagined myself being an ambulance on a crowded highway. Even better, like with the “priority vehicle” card at Mille Bornes.

With the beautiful days of spring, I lost my siren, the aisle blockers have resumed their habits and nothing scares them anymore. I even tried with two old ladies, nothing worked. A little more, they took out their knitting. I was even afraid they would offer me peppermints.

A kind person advised me to put on a mask so that the aisle blockers would start getting scared again and let me pass again. I'll test it soon!


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