Journal d'artiste page 6: Les licornes c'est angoissant.

Artist's journal page 6: Unicorns are scary.

Step 1: Anxiety

January 20! Already ! In four months, I will be, and you too ;) close to the beginning of June! Ahhhh! I am missing at least 75 paintings to start the season in my workshop. The worst part is that I'm still in my imaginary world of unicorns with the "Chromacity" series, my series of colorful cities at night. The decision is final, I remain in this world of a horse disguised as a rhino. Is it dangerous? I don't think so, just don't bend over...

If in the last line you are looking for a nicer meaning to excuse me, sorry, you are wrong. Dropping your soap in the shower in a world of unicorns is the image I give to the danger of taking two months to create a new collection.

Of course, part of my stress is linked to my purchases: furniture for my workshop, lighting worthy of a photographer's studio, and a huge printer that I had to unpack outside because the box wouldn't fit through the door.

When I'm anxious, I start to buy, and when I buy too much, I start to worry. Wow! Another beautiful vicious circle, and I'm a genius at finding ways to go in circles. And I turn and turn, until my brain takes over again.

Stage two of this madness: Action.

I wake up to lots of new machines and equipment in the workshop, and JP, the businessman, takes over the controls. First action: open the unicorn hunting season. This year, I believe the harvest will be good. Just after this biblical carnage, he will get to work (I know it's me, I'm not totally crazy) and his only goal will be to make the new equipment profitable.

If you think this is a weird way to move forward, I agree with you 100%. It's full of flaws, it's a roller coaster ride, but for me, it's the only one that works. It's when my back is against the wall that the magic happens and I develop my full potential. Otherwise, I fall asleep, my reptilian brain takes over and nothing happens.

And the 75 new paintings in all this? I don't have an answer yet, but the most likely option is to create 50 new paintings and increase the prices so as not to have empty walls mid-season. Oops! I think JP, the businessman, is starting to take control... My unicorns... Help!

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